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Throw your shoes off

Throw your shoes and your voice would be heard …..Definitely in India

This is the trend what we are opting and cultivation in this vary country which had often looks for a way which binds the character of one self.

The recent controversy and the drama which shows that to get your voice heard one need to use the behavior of human existence which does not match with the idea of respect and understanding.

We the people of this nation those who pray so often on the foot steps of Mahatma Gandhi and a history which reveals the truth of non violence and vigor have to use the methods of violence to get our voice heard.

Since 25 years the Sikhs were waiting for their justice and it never came Mr. Tyteler and Mr. Sajjan kumar fought and won election there was no question of consideration at all for common mood of the public but one man throws the shoes off to Mr. Chidambaram( a sort of violent protest) and the party changes their stand on the cause.

What sort of idea we are professing by this incident? Are we going to listen on the one and only stand when some one is going to take the side of violence? Or To get justice one has to seek and prefers the way of violence and inhuman character?

How a country of democratic principle could work when to raise the voice one has to seek the methods of violence. And this is not only a case….CBI gave a clean chit to Tyteler but one of community feels he was responsible so what happened? One journalist comes in the meeting and throws the shoes and here you go the problem is solved….Tyteler has to face serious problems and can not fight election any more. But shall we stand or prefer this stand?

Either CBI is manipulated or the People those who are protesting are wrong in their sense. If CBI is wrong it means the system is wrong and if People are wrong it means the culture is wrong.

This is not the end of the story tomorrow a community is going to come up and possibly will throw the shoes on Home minister calling Kasab’s arrest against one of the community then? May be one day someone is going to come up and could throw shoes on Home minister calling the arrest of Malegoan blast accused against one of community then ?

This is how we are going to make our decision?

If this is a way then there is no hope for me at least to have a system of governance then we can not call this country democratic then there shall be no outcry for democratic principle and so on.

Now I do not wonder why we have Naxalites in this country and why none of the scheme of the governance has brought them on the mainstream, why they are not ready to leave their guns…. they understood it well, the only way one can progress and raise the voices against the miseries is the voice of guns.

One can only hope let the culture of this land live……let it be….as it was.

Genuine, respectful, full of honor.


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