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The defeat of George Fernandes

The general election of 2009 was astounding, out of any theory and wielded a strong way across for the nation. It gave a new birth to the Congress party which has got after 18 years maximum number of seats ( + 200) in this election. But at the same time it has given a death to an entire movement too. The defeat of George fernandes is the defeat of whole socialist movement in India, which started by Ram manohar Lohia. The proclaimed Messiah of socialist cause.

The manner in which George fernandes was trapped is pathetic and sad, the man who came to fight the tyranny of Emergency and collided the way against was denied the ticket from his own party, but he ran the election only to loose, not only election but also the hope of an era which gripped India by the name of socialist movement.

Basically the socialist movement of India in the hand of Dr. Lohia was a cause to remove and overthrow the politics of caste which congress has paved somehow on the road of success to India.

India too hoped to come out of its caste-ridden politics, which is shaping the seat, and vote percentage in India, but unfortunately it did not happen and a dream of an era is died out in silence.

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia was the man who sought first to eradicate the politics of caste to its extent. He acknowledged much earlier that the history of India and its failure are cradled with caste and it is barring Indian Identity in her culture. Lohia recognized that caste, more than class, was the huge stumbling block to India's progress. It was Lohia's thesis that India had suffered reverses throughout her history because people had viewed themselves as members of a caste rather than citizens of a country. Caste, as Lohia put it, was congealed class. Class was mobile caste. As such, the country was deprived of fresh ideas, because of the narrowness and stultification of thought at the top, which was comprised mainly ofthe upper castes, Brahmins and Baniyas, and tight compartmentalization even there, the former dominant in the intellectual arena and the latter in the business. A proponent of affirmative action, he compared it to turning the earth to foster a better crop, urging the upper castes, as he put it, "to voluntarily serve as the soil for lower castes to flourish and grow", so that the country would profit from a broader spectrum of talent and ideas.

In Lohia's words, "Caste restricts opportunity. Restricted opportunity constricts ability. Constricted ability further restricts opportunity. Where caste prevails, opportunity and ability are restricted to ever-narrowing circles of the people”. In his own party, the Samyukta (United) Socialist Party, Lohia promoted lower caste candidates both by giving electoral tickets and high party positions. Though he talked about caste incessantly, he was not a casteist -- his aim was to make sure people voted for the Socialist party candidate, no matter what his or her caste. His point was that in order to make the country strong, everyone needed to have a stake in it. To eliminate caste, his aphoristic prescription was, "Roti and Beti", that is, people would have to break caste barriers to eat together (Roti) and be willing to give their girls in marriage to boysfrom other castes (Beti).

It was Ram manohar Lohia who went against the caste politics as one can put it then it was Socialist movement that took the caste on their hand to eradicate and eradicate the politics of it. But it did not happen and now there is no choice with the defeat of George fernandes the dream of Ram Manohar Lohia too died.

Indian politics is still in favor of caste politics the votes are given on the name of caste and the candidate are plotted on the bases of casts, and the heartbreaking scene is that the Media to political parties are now recognizing the caste as their main weapon.

The pathetic day for Mayawati who came for a press conference yesterday after her defeat in UP and boldly said that “ shedid not get votes of Muslim this is the cause of her loss in the election” Heartbreaking…India is trying to bold away the politics of religion and here the Leader of a state boldly telling to journalist the rift of communality in India.

Now the Indian are not recognized only your caste and religions are. Once the early British those who came here sent backtheir words to their country and said “ there is nothing like India it does not exist it’s a mixture of different religion and several casts” still we are in same trap history has become future in the same essence.

In the media caste scene are seen journalist openly puts their views on the candidatures and voters depending on castes, India is still lying on the bed of nails which has caste politics on its throne. India had never moved and it will not move till the caste factors are alive in Politics.

Its sad to see the children’s of Ram manohar Lohia movement ( JD(U) RJD,LJP,SP leaders lalu Yadav,Mulayam singh Yadav,Ram Vilas paswan, Nitish Kumar) Somewhere have forgotten the history of their cause. They have completely uprooted the history which have had given them the birth in Indian politcs. Now they are the most communal and caste ridden political parties of socialist branch. But the defeat of all of them (except JD (u)) shows the defeat of Socialist agenda of false Dom.

The era of Geroge Fernandes is finished , finished sadly and with it the movement of Ram manohar Lohia is also died, nowthere will be no JP no Fernandes to move the history of India.

It was the same George Fernandes who went against Advani ji and Vajpaee ji at the time of Janta government on the issue of dual membership of Janta party and Sangh pariwar. It was the same fernandes who shared the dais and government with both of them. Actually the real George fernandes disappeared long back it’s the only remaining of him that is getting lost.

With the end of Fernandes we have also lost a voice, which always tried to facilitate the truth. Fernandes is man who always said what he felt like never hid anything on his cabinet of mind like Lohia. It is worthy to remember that Lohia when he came to parliament on 1963 wrote a pamphlet "25000 Rupees a Day", the amount spent on Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, an obscene sum in a country where the vast majority lived on 3 annas (less than one-quarter of a rupee)a day. This is was a voice of a man who believed in social integrity not only in terms culture and practices but in terms of economy too. Fernandes for long time kept this culture of Lohia on his block.

This election has killed the JP, Lohia and the socialist cause, which could have given India a future of supreme.

But India is not ready still to torn away the words of caste and unless its ready no one can force it, till its same India will suffer in the front of Politics, in the world of Politics where game are designed on the bases of caste and its ridden culture .

India will suffer and has suffered on the road of Politics and its culture where the election and votes are decided by caste culture and now its has divine scene when media is acknowledging the caste culture instead of trying to remove it from the scene.

Now the candidates are not put on behalf of a progress but on the basis of caste and the percentage of the caste voters, the theme of election is not progress, development, problem and their solution.

In this general elections Indian has not voted the voters were different caste and different religion, India yet to vote and the day when India will vote this day India will decide the future of it, now different caste and religion are deciding the future of themselves. India is lost somewhere within cast and religions across.

Congress President Mrs Sonial Gnadhi ji said after having the victory in the general election “ Indian people know to whom they should vote” I would like to say that still Indian haven’t voted, castes and religions have caste their votes and India as nation is not defined by the caste and religion.

I shall wait for India to vote because I deem to convince my self that one day India will vote, to vote for progress, to vote for her journey towards the goal to vote for her victory on the leap of glorious dream of manhood.

Leave casts, live India.


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