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Indian census is about?

Soon after the census report was out there was a kind of noticing effect in Media all over the world, i am at the moment in Europe and felt the Indian census effect here too, and why not another populous country is taking shape. The population explosion is not only a worry case for India and Indian's ( if it is all a worry case?) but now its on all over world, there are going to be over a billion people sharing the natural resources with the rest of the world and only one country India is going to take almost ⅙ share in it. For me Indian population explosion is about few mistakes which we as Indian were never able to work out and tragedy of the case is yet we are not ready to work on it, another day a friend of mine from India asked me what i think about current census and our population explosion? I said well its about Sex Vs reproduction, Idea Vs Identity and movement Vs campaigns. Sex Vs reproduction Out current population explosion is about our 500 years misunderstanding of sex and reproduction and that comes from social repercussion and moral policing where sex is only about reproduction or sex does become or ends up with reproduction.We as a society are unable to clarify and understand that sex and reproduction are two different things. If we had been cleared and understood or would have been able to defy and challenge inhuman social pressure on our youth we would not be over a billion people now. Funniest part of the story is that we have such a moral pressure on our youth about relationship and pre-martial sex and having all that in our society we still became 1.21 billion people...a country that literally shows our love for sex and we do have a proof !! An this proof says if we are not allowed to have sexual freedom from a right way we will take it by another side, that caused the average marriage age in India to be 24-25 for male and 20-22 for female and the result of early marriage is in front of us. I know that soon after this article will be out some people will start rattling about me and my support for immoral ideas....but let me be very clear, this country is one of those that has strong social pressure on pre-martial relationship or sex or the society of this country has moral principle roaming in and around sex, but even after doing all that we know that we are 1.21 billion people in this small land it shows that how much our citizens love i right? And if we love sex lets have a clear cut message to the citizens of this country that please go ahead with it but don’t make it reproductive. But since we can not even talk about sex how could we talk about methods to stop population explosion. Idea Vs Identity We were never serious about our population explosion and its mark on our society, we were never serious and still unable to understand that where our population explosion is going to lead us. We were professing the idea of birth control and contraceptives and other sides we had moral teachers on name of their false understanding of religion to disown the idea and meanwhile we never allowed to have a healthy relationship between the two sexes in our country. We never allowed our youth to understand sex and relationship in different scenario and this is another battle which we failed and still failing further. We had an idea to work on population explosion but it did not go with our identity which is perverted and sexomanic. It is not too difficult to read news very often that police broke-up in garden and arrested youth sitting or having good time with their partner, or police breaking up in cyber cafés where youth were having again good time. They don't arrest criminals and corrupt politicians but simply living to your emotions in a peaceful way is a crime in the country of Krishna. If we are having this sort of understanding about relationship and love then i have an idea that how sincere we would be to fight against the population explosion giving the way of birth control methods and contraceptives. Movement Vs campaigns To control our population explosion we needed not any campaign what we had so many from MALA-D to NIRODH on our national channel ( having all that when youth are brutally discouraged to form a pre-martial relationship) in-fact we missed a movement on its behalf. We have several movements to coin the terms and political parties but not at all any movement to make our country pledge a promise to coming generation that they will leave a healthy future behind them. After Indian freedom movement we did not have movement which could have united this country for a single goal, a goal to control our population. When i talk about movement for population control i simply means that the issue had never touched the mass of this country, Population demography only went on in bureaucratic files and slogans. It never became a message which each and every Indian should take back home and work on it as much as possible....this is the basic difference between campaigns and movement. Movements are shaped and created not by institutions but with the help of mass population. Movement is about interactions of Ideas, movement is about finding the goals, and movement is about uniting the society for better future and letting the idea to spread on even to the last man of the country. Still we have some time left to counter and change the way this country will look in next 20 years, as far as i am concerned that is only going to come when we have an earmarked line to define sex and relationship, to be truthful with our Idea and the identity what on the name of culture and social values we create and creating a movement instead of campaign for our better future.....and not to forget that our future is going to affect all of us. #India #About #Openthoughts


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