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What can a be a news in India ,specially when the elections are near and at the same time when the integrity of nation is challenged as it had been all the time in the state which is ruled by most outdated party of Indian history. I had news this morning that the land which was allocated to Amarnath shrine board has been cancelled, on my eye primarily it was doubtful but after a while I understood it’s the truth and same shame which had always been the part of country. I can speak in a length about this but as I know in day or two there are fanatics in this country those who are going to make this issue a game of Communalism, I am aware of the sensitiveness of the issue at the same time I could see within hours what has started in this country. Actually being a spiritual man, or at least people call me spiritual man, I saw a opportunity to deal the matter as I can see this, actually in this country most religious fight had been started by those who are purely irreligious those who are not having any faith on religion, from partition of India to up to now whatever game had been played in this country , the player of the game and the brain behind all of the games were those who were purely irreligious. An example, as far as I know, Mr. Nehru and Mr. Jinna they both did not have any faith in any kind of religion but the partition became a history ofthe biggest bloodshed in this country, on the bases of religion. I felt somehow again the same………… some people those who are not having faith on religion have made a issue of religious politics in which ignorant people of this country are going to suffer as they had been suffering since independence of this nation. I had news that in some places of India already the communal tension was in grip and curfew was imposed, city went on deep silence……..a silence which can break anytime in the form of Violence, what is going to happen? No one knows but again a shame on this country had been implanted by the most shameless people of Indian politics. I would like it to be very clear that the cancellation of the land allotment has nothing to do with two different religion its between those who are completely against the integrity of nation like the politicians of Hurriyat conference and, people democratic party (PDP) and some other ,the issue is not between Muslim and Hindus, and atrocities which this nation had seen on Hindus, rather it’s the game of those who are against the integrity of this country,……specially from Kashmir. I have some simple things to explain, how a person who is religious can not have faith on other religion , if someone knows the Allah , he must have senses of Lord Shiva too , if someone has ever traveled to Haj or hoping to travel , and being aware of the situation and the arrangement which is done for the Haj trip , how one can not understand the situation of the travelers of Amarnath Shrine , for which the land was allocated , its utterly foolish to think that Muslims had done the atrocity on Hindus , the real thing is that the fight is between those who love this country and those who are against the country , it’s the fight between those who want to create the tension between the religions of India and create the chain of Violence , actually this is the case between those who are purely supporting the terrorism in Kashmir and between those who love their country and want to live on peace , it has nothing to do about Hindu and Muslim. We have known how theses political parties are biased towards Kashmir and terrorism , from PDP to national conference they always tend to believe that they are more Pakistanis then Indian otherwise on this protest of land allocation the followers of these two parties were not holding the flags of Pakistan and separatist . Actually this is the fight between the separatist, those who do not believe in India and those who have faith on this land, it’s an atrocity by those who always supported the militancy in Kashmir and are a form of Violence. Actually to those Indian government would have kept in Prison are left outside to speak and preach anything which goes against the integration of the country. Sometime it feels like that in the country of Gandhi the violence is the method which we hear regularly from Kashmir , andany issue of Kashmir is heard in full voice inside the country , because it’s the part of land where the leaders are most corrupt and dishonorable to the country , some violent outrages made the government to revert the whole mandate which was necessary for the Amarnath Devotees , but because it was violence they can do anything , anything which is even can harm the nation fully , since 20 years Madha patkar is fighting peacefully for the right of Villagers of Narmada Valley ,where a dam is being constructed but no on listen to her not even courts of India , because she is peaceful and truthful , but if you have violence in your hand and separatist nature and a mind to blow the integrity of the country you can do whatever you like , as it had been done several times by so called Leaders of peace in Kashmir. I don’t know how much I can write about the issue but its not the time to start the fight between the Hindu and Muslim but its the time when Hindu and Muslim get together and ran over this Kashmir which is havoc for this country, and miserable in the hand of this separatist group and this political party. Actually after the independence whatever miseries had been the part of the country, a big blame goes to the congress , this congress party had made this India whatever it is , from good to bad , from economical progress to the social disintegration , who says in India there is other communal parties , its only Congress which is communal , one side countryis reday to die on the name of pseudo-secularism and the leaders of congress party are busy in saving the deal of 123, shame on those who are holding the ruin of this country , because except shame nothing can be said . I call in urgency to all the members of Ananda hi Ananda to make this notice very clear, the fight is not between any Muslim and Hindus its between those who want to tear apart the nation and those who want to keep it integrated, lets have the fight not only on streets but on the heart of India where lies the deep respect to the nation, we will and we must tear down the biased nature of politicians but on the hold who is tearing the country. The fight is not between the Hindus and Muslim and Muslim had to understand this , now it’s the time to join the commonfront , it never happened that the money was given to Ajmer sharif and any Hindu , a person who is Hindu had ever raised question even being aware that not a single rupees are given to Hindu temple( or rarely given) , because it does not matter, somewhere money was given to save the temple of god , not a single real Hindu has ever objected why the money of taxes being spent on Haj , and why special arrangements being made by government for Haj YATRESS , but this time Muslim has to ask if we are privileged why not Hindus too? They are too, the part of Big system of religions and liberation, the time has come when religions come together to fight those who are so irreligious and always made this country a ranch where they played as they liked and distorted the faith of two human beings. The country shall and must burn…………. But not on the name of religion but on the name of who is holding the truth to save the country, who is loyal to the country, and who is not. Definitely PDP and national conference and those who came to do the violence on the name of this allocation are not, fight shall start but on those who are disloyal to the integrity of the country. The Violence which had ever happened in this country on the name of religion always forced by those who are disloyal to the country and can go in any extent just to adjust the votes and harm this country , I call from this portal to those so called themselves secularist, those who are open to shout on Godhra but will never say anything when atrocity become part of Hindus , whether its Mr. Bhatt or Ms Seetalwad , or so called other modernist those who are ready to shout on Hindus on Godhra but forget the reason behind Godhra , let’s not wait for the time when another Godhra can become the shame on we…. As human before hand……… Run to Kashmir and fight to those who are breaking the integrity of the country, not only we should run there we should fight a battle with the forces of evil. My call is revolution not only in your heart but in your mind too, be ready to start a fight. But not as you have always done,and fought, where you didn’t differentiated what the reason of fight and to whom shall we fight. Try to understand this time this is not the time to blame any others the blame goes directly on those who are disloyal to the nation and have nothing to do with religion, only name can not suggest someone’s faith, a real Hindu and a real Muslim are those who are having the dignity of religion and faith on each other, the fight shall and must start but not on streets to each other but with those who are disloyal to the national integrity.


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