Baba Ramdev and Divya yoga pharmacy

NOTE: After a strong letter and various other complaints the site of Divya yoga Pharmacy did change. But remember it was written on 2011, well before things changed.

What happens to all those people who start with nation building, firing speech and create uproar by their comments? Is there any truth behind their word or is it always a state of art where people create their following of we idiots who have no clear understanding ours life? This was always a question in my mind when I saw the political and religious history of India. I always asked to my self why India never became what India supposed to be? What are the reasons lying behind our failure? Why India seems a biggest failure in its thought process, why India never reached in the revolution of its thoughts?

I was searching today Divya Yoga trust website and online store of Baba Ramdev’s trust , the famous Yoga guru of India, who has millions of followers all around. I always pointed out in my speech within India that we must be careful with this sort of leader who instead of creating a relationship is trying to destroy it. I was checked in each and every place, by the followers of Baba Ramdev who preached peace in India. I never understood his philosophy, when his own followers were ready to kill me. I questioned where the peacemaker is in the mind of his followers?

I found on his website that all the products, which are listed there, have no price list in Indian rupees: only in British pounds and US dollars. I could not understand it after trying several places and searching in whole site I realize that it was not mistake, the prices are only in these two currencies. This is the reality of the man and his psychological mindset who preaches Indian nationhood and strung supporter of nationalism in this globalized world and had not cared to put price on his website of his pharmacy company products in Indian rupees. I was wondering where here India has lost? Why Indians are not included in the mind of those people like Ramdev who had been establishing themselves by the way of crowd show what they do in India. I could not understand and would take some time to bear the bald shock of the false identity of Baba Ramdev. I wonder if for him we Indian did not have any credit cards and did not have online shopping mentality. Might for him India is still lost in her history?

Again, India was lost by a man who has been preaching Indian identity and Indian culture in his speeches.

Now I was more interested to check the site, to know the prices and to understand the reality of in and out of this business empire ran by a man of Religious dogma within India.

Baba Ramdev since the beginning was preaching and exploding the masses, the real conditions of Indian society, the class struggle of rich and poor and the money, which is centered within few hands. I remember being young and falling in his hand.

But today my illusion was lost, I checked the price list which was of course in UK pound and US dollar and compared with the prices in which it is available in Indian market. The medicine named Divya arogvardhini 20gm (MFG date 04/2007) was listed and the price was 0.49 pound (after conversion of UK pound to Indian Rs), in Indian market it was listed and sold in price of 80Rs (40gm).

As we all know, most of India and most of Indian at least in Baba Ramdev’s eyes were living in very poor conditions and their daily income was less then a dollar what Baba had spoken all the time and cursed the politicians. I was wondering how a poor man who is earning less in a day than the price of this medicine produced by Baba’s Pharmacy, Divya yoga mandir trust could afford to buy this medicine.

The problem of India is not politicians only, it is those who are in the center of Indian society and highly hypocrite, Baba Ramdev seems to be entering in that scale.

It was known and said that the poor people can get the medicine free at Haridwar, where the trust is located but when people can not afford to have the money to eat how one is going to travel that far from all across nation? To get free medicine? There was no provision to be given free medicine by those several outlets where the Baba’s Medicine is sold out to rich market. Indian poor lives in villages who were once upon a time the medium of Baba’s struggle to fight corruption and cherish the vigor of masses. But it was only held at speeches not in practice.

I checked some other medicine and saw the listing price in UK pound and US dollars, then went back to the shop and found the Indian price: divya punarvadi mandur 60Rs (MFG 05/ 2008, Divya yograj guggul (03/2007 50Rs, 40gm).

I tried to compare some of the products of Baba Ramdev’s with Himalaya drug company which does not preach that it is working for the poor people and creating a diseased free nation and world, which simply sells its products for those who can afford it, and I have no problem with a business unity that holds a principle of good products in better prices.

I found that Amlaki made by Himalaya costs 75Rs for 60 capsules (almost 180gms) while Divya yoga cost 60Rs for 100gms.

Dental cream 200gm Himalaya cost 70Rs whereas Divya yoga dental churna 100gm cost 180rs (made by almost identical products except that Himalaya's one is made as cream and Baba as tooth powder so it has some different composition but the base was almost similar)

Business Empire seems to be working for less profit and Religious symbol like Baba Ramdev’s Divya Yoga pharmacy is making more profit then expected.

I did understand why India is where it is. The people who go upward by charging the emotion of Indian masses do not pay any attention to those who were behind them, thoughts and ideas get thicker but the result for what it was thought never get accomplished.

In the last election, Baba got involved with BJP party and said in his several speeches that he would come on the road to bring the Indian money back from foreign banks, which was the election manifesto of BJP party and a very great ideal. But after so many months, even after the election, Baba is not seen in Indian roads for calling a campaign for which he was addicted once upon a time.

Prophesy of Indian mind is falling behind but it is us who are responsible for that. We never ask those social leaders who are sitting on top of us by us to go back and see what they said and what is happening now. We never take a word of encounter with them we simply create them and then they are left to do what they can. This is true with Political leaders and over all social leaders too. At last we suffer… the suffering never ends. How could we make a difference when we are same since ages, a rotten mind of rotten thought.

India is not changing and it won’t if we would be same.

Let's change us to change our India.

Vivek ji

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