Handbook on politics for Rahul Gandhi on his birthday

I wanted to wish Rahul Gandhi yesterday itself (on his actual B”day) but I delayed since there were lots of music, cakes, psudeo-supporters and his Farmers delight B’day scene. But it has all stopped today with a silence and it gives more opportunity to get my words to Dear Rahul Baba.

I sincerely wish you a good year ahead, hope and wish that you will find more maturity in your life being believed to be a national leader for congress party. I would like to give you some present on this very day and I hope you would accept my presents, I must say you need it. I have never ever given any present to anyone who does not need them.

I have brought a mantra for you which will help you to concentrate your mind and bring you more conscious about your role in Congress ( I) party. This Mantra will help you to become active and take part in discussions that are going around for a good health of this country. This Mantra would also help you to understand that what it meant to be a projected national leader, what qualities someone should have to be a leader of Masses especially in India. Few days ago your mentor Digvijay singh said to press that you have all qualities to become PM of India, I would differ here a bit and would like to press that to become a PM you do not need any qualities since a qualified person is not chosen to be a PM in India, verily by their own party leaders. So better to stick and aspire to have qualities of a national leader. If you recite this Mantra for few days it would help you to speak up when a true leader should. ( Results are guaranteed)

I have also got a juice (a life juice made out of people’s perception and Indian identity) for you, this will help you be energetic enough to break the barricade put on front of your growth by some people to whom you believe as your Mentors or advisers. This juice would also help you to choose the people who have credibility be Guru of you, not the leader like Digvjay singh who have gone on fringes of politics in their own hometown. I am sure you wouldn’t like to be one of them? This juice would also help you to be courageous enough to speak your own tongue with press, media and at last with the citizens of this country. A national leader is not afraid of media or public discussion but welcomes it to prove his real identity.

I have also got a specs for you (to see clear) since I have noticed you do not see things very clear as it rolls on ground or you take some time to see that what is been going around. These specs would help you not only to see clearly but also promptly to act on. I know if you wouldn’t see properly how would you react or put forth a point that a national leader shall. This is my special gift and I think you need it at any cost.

The last gift that I have is specially made for you… guess? It is specially printed book on special demand by Ananda hi Ananda publication for you “ A handbook on Politics” this would help you to do some homework after your hectic sessions of tea and coffee with farmers. A real politician of national caliber does a lot of homework, he/she gives as many as chances for interactions, he/she is a dream giver, he /she is ready for discussion on vital issues, he/she has an idea of national sentiments and views on vital issues of the country. I think this would help you to be national leader. I know you were not aspirant for being a political leader but now you are in there at least play the game seriously!

Vivek ji


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