Congress, Rahul Gandhi and Politics

India was shaped by those who wondered about it, the discovery of India actually made the leaders of India. There is again someone who is wondering about India, trying to understand what does this India means, to know the India better.

I have been against Rahul Gandhi and the way congress projected him, but now with all the differences I admit, it made me thrill the way he acted in Mumbai today and still acting. (When I am writing this column)

Slamming very few words to Shiv Sena and MNS but speeded en mass the message of his politics. After a long back congress has got a leader but for how long? Only congress knows about it.

I believe the people those who don’t know politics could do a better politics than those who know politics.

I have always committed and still stick to the fact Rahul is not a politician and sometime it does make me afraid to believe the fact that congress is projecting him as a leader of India, eventually he could become the Prime-minister of India, if it happens the way Rahul is now I will have no problem but if turns out the way his father was made in to politics that would be real disaster.

Rahul Gandhi, did make a lot of people wonder, what he has to offer to India, today the gutsy way of action in the local trains of Mumbai and going very near to the common public had made Rahul the hero of common man, the politics Mahatma Gandhi was master in, All Nehru-Gandhians have repeated it but no one stayed with it. Mahatma Gandhi was a brilliant and outstanding politician who initiated not only this dialogue but sticked with it till his last breadth, his inner and outer power came through the connectedness that he enjoyed with masses.

Rahul Gandhi is full of energy, a great enthusiasm and decisiveness to act on, but still he is missing the touch of a leader, he is a simple and good man, but he has to understand, his father was only a simple and a good man if he could have a politician the history would have shaped some how very different than the present.

I hope Rahul would not end up being only a glamorous guy of congress party who could win votes, I wish Rahul would become the person who understand politics as well as have the will to understand identity of India.

But India has to also learn from past and break the glamour of Gandhians , or we could end up having a regime like Indira Gandhi’s , to whom I still put on dock , I have insisted in my all speeches and writings that it was Indira Gandhi who initiated the process of dishonesty in Indian politics to gain a single thread power from top to bottom. Her policies which were made out of fear and to gain control resulted as militancy in Punjab, the operation blue star, and fragmentation of Indian congress, led a process sideling the real leaders and replaced by those who were near or dear to the gandhians.

India does need a leader, a leader who understands the masses, who can entrails the vibes of our thought but at the same time to whom we could question for his deeds, I think this is what democracy means, is not it? I hope we prosper for democracy.

Vivek ji

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