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The house of Secularist: India

India's flag

Today we will discuss only two most important question in India , or the most important question concerning India , and I think there are only few vital question concerning India .The question is ……if India is secular ? When I ask this question most of you would think yes it is, but today is the time to analyze or show to this young world, India is most communal nations of the world. A hypocritical foundation of the nation has to shown to the world to those who care about the integrity of nation, nation as such, those who care about India. There are lot of voices from several stream talking about communal India, from Godhra to Ayodhya and so on, but I felt that there is not single voice to raise the most important question, actually whatever happened in Gujarat it’s the only way how Hindus can react against the discrimination are imposed on them .The discrimination against a culture, against a way if living, which has given the meaning to this world, what does a culture means. I do not justify the incident which have happened in India but at the same time I can not justify the discrimination which has been done since independence or before on millions of the followers of Hindu religion. This is only country of the world which had two sides of constitution for its own citizen, this is the only country which preaches about national integrity but this is the only nation which had created the bubble of disintegration by its own system. Article 15(1) of the Indian constitution lays down “ The state shall not discriminate against any citizen on the ground only of religion , race , caste ,sex , place of birth, or any of them” I call it the most fallacious statement of Indian constitution , as in India I see it as a most blasphemous statement which never followed by Indian constitution. India is the country which had always discriminated the citizens on the basis or race and religion where one had taken birth and from which womb. The de facto discrimination we shall see by the article 370 which has given Jammu and Kashmir, Mizoram ( under article 371A), and Nagalnd ( under article 371G), a special force of discrimination power , no one can buy the land or become the member of the state if one has not been born there , though one is Indian , laws made by Indian parliament can not be implemented their ( Tell me what sort of nation we are living , a nation which is divided in several ruling power come on its enough shit , tell me India is nation at all or not ?) Where does article 15 (1) gone? Where has gone the outcry of Indian politician about secular India, at the time of partition when about 100000 non Kashmiri fled from newly created Pakistan to save their life and got shelter in Kashmir have not been granted the citizen of the state, they have no right to vote, and no right to take loans and send their children to the medical and engineering college of the state, why because they are Hindus? ( India called it self a nation of secular agenda, the more has to see ) and at the same time million of Bangladeshis arrived India illegally and have got the citizenship of India merely on basis because they are Muslim and served the purpose of these so called secular parties a veto of vote bank ……wow the new India , secular India ? Some time it feels to be a Hindu or the devotee of Santana dharma you can not live safely in India you can not have same right and there is no way that you may not have chance to discriminate, there is no such a nation like India, which has given so much discrimination to its own citizen and citizens are so impotent in fighting there right back, they are so impotent to make the issue of their life. From media to so called social worker , One Godhra can become the news of frontline , from Teesta to Mahesh bhatt to so many other so called prominent Indian are ready to boycott the government and can fill the page on concerned issue , but when same happened to Hindus no one is their to raise the issue. This is the country India where Hindu are heavily prosecuted by the law , according to the article 30 of Indian government minorities are allowed to run their own education institution and worship place without any interfere , but when it come to Hindu organization to Hindu temple whole government is open to take over them , Muslims and christen are allowed to manage their own place of worship, versus Hindus are not , is that we are talking about a nation which preach in world democracy and secularism , can you ever imagine this to be happening in any other democracy , or the nation which is preaching Human unity ? The country which talks about equality and principle of human unity has not been able to propose a common civil code for its own citizen , in coins we see “ national integrity “ that integrity which no one wants to achieve , because each and every political party and whomsoever on governments are not ready to see India united . We have spoken about Vision 2020, I remember the last president of India had a whole vision of about INDIA 2020, this is for me ridiculous we have not achieved the simple practices and how we can think about to stand with the world, in India, marriages, divorce, and inheritance are regulated by religion based law codes, which are different for Hindus, Muslims, Christian, Parsis. What a country we are talking about which is purely communal , it can not devise a similar rule to its own citizen , had given so many division , can you imagine this to be happening in any other nation , which sees herself as a super power of 21st century . To be in a country like India , which called it self secular , everything is decided by your religion , your name , and your womb from where you have taken birth , if your name is Rahim , you can marry as many as four times , but if you are Ram you can not , the division between two Indian on the bases of religion and we call this country secular , its damn communal , more then any other nation . Can you imagine the outcry which happens in any other nation if this sport of discrimination would follow but we as Indians are not having voice to fight against the legal inequality between Indians, merely on the bases of religion? INDIA IS MOST COMMUNAL COUNTRY OF THE WORLD. Few centuries back a JIZYA tax was implied on all those who were not Muslim, or specially to Hindus, now this is hilarious, while pilgrims to Hindu sacred site like Amarnath have to pay a special tax to finance the security and material facility and at the same time the pilgrims those who are going to Mecca they are financed by the government at least 16000 Rs. Per person and annually 18000 such pilgrims are involved. This reveals how carors are rupees are spent from the public tax payer to render altogether uncalled for service to those who go on Hajj pilgrims where salvation is strictly for the personal benefit of individual. This is happening to a country which calls itself secular, if this is secular nation what will be then seen of communal nation, except prosecute Hindus physically each and every method had been tried to exterminate them from financially to socially, discrimination is the only policy against Hindus in this nation which is mostly carried by Nehruvian policy and communist follow up . Vivek ji , “The house of secularist: India” ( Statement Given by Vivek ji on the appeal of GM foundation on the issue of Secular nation )


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