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Sage Agastya and Indian unity - The story of going south

When I hear the divide between identities in modern India, I get reminded of story of Sage Agastya. According to Indian mythologies it's been said that once Vindhya mountains were constantly growing and that obstructed the sun god circumventing the earth. It created many problem in the divine order in this earth, thus many god went to sage Agastya and asked his help.

Sage Agastya went to Vindhyas and he stood in front of great mountain. The mountain bowed to Sage Agstya, and saw asked them to lower down so he can cross to south, Vindhyas lowered themselves so that the Sage can cross, while crossing sage reminded the Vindhyas that they should be as it is as he may have to cross back, but sage Agstya never returned from south and Vindhyas stopped growing.

This story is about the bridge between north and south, the spiritual bridge where we all are connected and constantly helping each human beings.

Indian unity and ancient myths- Vivek ji


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