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Racism in India ?

“Indians attacked in Australia”

“Racism on its blow, Indians are new target”

“Racism in Australia”

These are some News highlights from several channels across India, it has touched the life of Indians, and we are all concerned. Prime Minister to a ministerial clerk, all are busy in giving a thought to the whole incidents. The external affairsminister has to brief the situation and Ambassador of Australia to India called upon External affairs ministry. The problem is clear; Indians were beaten up violently in Australia.

I love history its my passion and sometime future itself lies in History. For me History unfolds the deal of future by its hand. I would like to recall some facts from history too.

“MNS worker beats up Biharis.”

“Raj thakrey provoked the slogan of Marathi Manus”.

“Student from Bihar beaten up violently in Mumbai”

“Mumbai is for Mumbaikars”

“Taxi driver is in Hospital struggling the fate after MNS worker beat the Bihari drivers in Mumbai”

These are some news highlights of few months back when Raj thakerey and his gang of Gunadas were playing the violent game of racism in India, In Mumbai, in the soil of this country. Everyone was shut, PM did not brief, CM took time to start the blow of Police, The incident came and went but not at all any strong action was taken up by the Government in this incident. There were hardly any peace rallies by Marathi Manus of so called elite.

How we can ask for justice from Australian law and system of governance when we are shrouds, hypocrites, Impotent and lawless in dealing similar sort of Incident in this country, in our own soil.

What is happening right now in Australia is not dissimilar than Mumbai, the places of incidents are different but the plight is same. The culture may be different but shrouds are similar. Those who suffered may be different but thugs are alike, Gundas are alike.

One Actress faced racial comments from another actress in UK and India was shouting slogan of Racism but when racism and similar violence erupt India and raped the seed of Indianness we were quite and acted like impotent. When we in our soil can tolerate the racism this far and leave the criminals to become politician what moral right we have to ask Australiangovernment for legal action against miscreants.

When our miscreants are left alive and provided security to indulge in any illegal and immoral activity against the unity andintegration of this soil what sort of Political voice we had to ask question to Australia in this incident.

We have here similar sort of miscreants and have given chances to the miscreants to do whatsoever they feel like. Thugs are joining the hands against the peace and integration of this nation and we keep quite.

Thousands of Biharis suffered in Mumbai and we were not able to take strong action against the rowdies how we can as Indians ask for justice to Australian system.

A news of Passengers traveling back to their country India and having difficulty to access the legal status after flight delayed, we name it racism but when Maratha AMANUS asked to railway department of Mumbai for having only jobs for Marathas in Maharastra we do not find any name for it, the news did not make to the channels and news owner do not find space for this news.

Workers working abroad complaints about the condition in which they were kept, news highlights the country in a second ambassador summoned and Ministries gives briefings to the press on given case, but when thousands of Biharis suffered badly in India, kashmiri pandits has to leave the valley and became refugees, we do not count the cases, the voice never comes out No reporter dare to ask question.

Six incidents in Australia scores too high in Indian mind but thousands Incident within India did not go well.

Let me take responsibility and call our self shrouds, impotent, morally corrupts and Unvigilant in our behavior, insensitive to the issues and clueless what is happening around us and how its transforming the culture of racism in our doorstep.

Case of Austarlia would not be new for those who have seen the racism in India from Mumbai to Kashmir, kanyakumari to Orissa.

Lets fight first within India then see the issues abroad, if we are culprits how we can ask for justice to another nation. And if we are asking, so I also ask to this system. …Please give justice to Manoj Kumar who borrowed the money from his village friend to reach Mumbai for his examination for a job so he could gather enough money to repair the roof of his house where his elderly parents live but cannot succeed because he was beaten up in Mumbai railway station on first sight.

Please give the justice to Raj mohan who had a taxi in Mumbai with a rent too high for which he was working day and night so he could save enough money for an operation of his children Santosh, whose operation was due in 15 days in South India because he had a small hole in his heart, poor children! Raj mohan cannot do this operation because his taxi was attacked and he was brutally beaten up by MNS workers, was injured for couple of weeks, and could not move outside. Now after several weeks still he is working to repay the damage of the car and earn enough money to do the operation of his only son. Now his worry is that time is moving as moves his car meter and with the time the seriousness of the operation is also getting higher, he does not know what he could do. He has a lot of loan to repay, when he goes back to home his son asks who cannot go to play because he has a hole in his heart and doctors have asked him not to play until the operation….Papa when I will be able to go to play with my friends and Raj Mohan has no reply. Past few days he has been working overnight too.

Please give the justice to Shankar rana whose family was killed and land was taken over in Kashmir valley now he lives with his sister who is mentally ill after having raped by neighbors.

Please give the justice to so many other cases, which are piled up in courtroom, police station and so many other places then ask justice to the Australian government.

Confucius said “ask only what you could give it”

If we ask for justice, I do ask for justice too.

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