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Mumbai terror attack

The terrorist attack on Mumbai had not only shown the vigor of violence , but had shown how a system failed to prevent an attack , how a system failed to retaliate the attack as it happened. It had shown that how in India the system works and how a country of 1 billion is still held on by the god or supreme power.

I remember a joke which reminds me something about the attack. Once a German came to visit the biggest steel plant of India , and he was amazed to see that machine are working without any operators because operator had gone for a Beedi or pan. How workers do not respect any security warning and work on major site of accident without getting harmed. He saw so many things which could have an outbreak of accident in any other country but not in this country. He was asked by the reporter if he could see after his visit in India.... India is progressing in the technological level or not? ….he was confused but said I don't know about anything but I have one proof which I would like to share and It is ….That God exist and only exist in India because things run even when they could have collapsed as they are running here in any where else.

The whole Mumbai attack reminds me of this joke , I don't know how far its true but I have a feeling that surely god saved the citizens in this country , where system was purely paralyzed after attack. Commandos were sent by local buses on public ways to reach and prevent the horrible attack, the plain were not in services to bring the commandos from their base. Which resulted in late arrival of the troops which would have prevented it to get more worst.

Mumbai attack has not only shown the incumbency of government but as well that how the whole system was collapsed just after the attack , military officer asked to be invited to rescue the mass only by secretary of the state, commandos were late due to the plane was not present to bring the Mumbai , what is happening to this country ? what are we hoping and cultivating on the name of mother India?

The attack was not only in a city it was an attack on the system of authority , it was an attack on the moral rights of citizens , it was an attack on the free principle of living.

Now the attack is over , but has it shown how shall we grow up ? how shall we live and grow in the wake of terrorism in the country ? How shall we react in all that given situation. As a country of one billion do we need to think about that also? Or just we will create more problem to the citizens of nation by barring more barricade on the way which never stops the terrorist? By putting more cross cells of police in railway station which would caused more delay and anger in public? Or we will learn that how we shall protect this country? Now the game is enough , enough is enough , now not any more .

Moral responsibility had given few people the way of ministries but the moral judgment would show the way to this country some vigor of honor and respect for those who are affected by the severe attack or we would just let this attack also go on as lots of other attacks and miseries are part of India?

I am not a decision maker but i am a citizen of this country a person who can advance the solitary action of thoughts to the people those who are also thinking , its not an article to read and amuse its an article for all of you to think and create a processes of thoughts.

One and only thought a citizen of this world that we want to live in peace ....we want to live in harmony ....we want to grow ....we want to be in a world which has sense of all that.

Now the time has came when people from the spiritual arena instead of preaching to the peaceful public preach to the adamant terrorist and politician to give some sort of assurance of wisdom in their mind and their soul.

I ask not for temporary adjustment i ask for total solution , but i am also aware that solution does not come in day but at least the process of it comes in a second.

I ask for a total assurance that we all will live in peace ..without scarifying the limit of our lives.

I ask for total cooperation where normal and general life can progress to most of it.

I ask for total governance when government are run to protect the citizen those who pay taxes and those who keep this country going.

I ask for peace and Harmony for those who have died on this misery and a promise that we will never forget those have saved not only lives of many but the respect and honor of peace and solidarity.

I ask that to prevent violence and terrorism we shall not employ the similar method , the root cause would not only go by killing the terrorist but we could stop if we shall ever eliminate the root of the evil.

Terrorists are evil but not the root cause.

At last i salute to all those who have given their time and life for this country sine the beginning of the millennium to now.

For the peace and harmony of this planet


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