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Marie Le Pen Vs liberty, equality, and fraternity

Marie Le Pen is a candidate who has the potential to demolish the French concept of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

France, the nation that gave the western world the concept of liberty, equality, and fraternity, will vote on April 24th to determine the nation's future and whether the three founding principles of the French republic will survive or be undermined by the current political climate of hate , racism,Islamophobia and discrimination.

Every election in France is similar to those in India, but this one is rather unique in comparison. Marie Le Pen, the far-right presidential candidate, has stated that if she wins the election, she will put a bill on immigration and national identity to a referendum within six months, and her plan would have a significant impact on all foreigners living in France, regardless of whether they have acquired French citizenship. Dual nationals are included in Le Pen's plan to legalise discrimination against immigrants in France.

Who is Marie Le Pen

Marie Le Pen is the daughter of Jean Marie Le Pen, a far-right politician. He was notorious for his antisemitism and defended Nazis in France. Jean Marie La Pen incited hostility toward immigrants from North Africa, the bulk of whom are Muslim. Jean Marie Le Pan was also an outspoken antisemite, and he refused to recognise the Nazis' atrocities against the Jews at a time when the memory of those atrocities was still fresh. It was during the 2002 general election when France's Prime Minister and Socialist Party candidate, Lionel Jospin, giggled when asked who he would vote for if he did not advance to the second round by media. The rest, as they say, is history; Jean Marie Le Pen stunned the world by reaching the second round.

Marie Le Pen has gradually followed in her father's footsteps, reclaiming the space her father established to split the French country along religious or racial lines. Le pen holds strong antisemitic beliefs and refuses to acknowledge the involvement of Vichy's dictatorship in the Holocaust (led by Marshal Philippe Pétain during World War II).

The draconian bill

The proposed bill will amend many provisions of the French constitution in order to advance her far-right agenda and allow policies to be combined in ways that defy the French constitution. If Le Pen is elected and the bill achieves the outcome of referendum and is implemented, it would effect millions of individuals, many of whom will lose their rights as French citizens. This will also encompass those who have resided in France for decades or who are French nationals. Le Pen's strategy is to legalise discrimination between French nationals.

Marie Le Pen is well aware that the proposed legislation would contradict the French constitution, European agreements, and the 1789 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And it is for this reason that she seeks to go by referendum, which would automatically sidestep parliament and the highest constitutional court, the “Conseil Constitutionnel"

Marie Le Pen's proposed migration bill aims to eliminate the right of fired born resents to work in the national postal service (La Poste), social railways (SNCF), and health care services, and it proposes to allow criminal prosecutions against anyone who violates the bill's proposed rules governing entry, stay, and work in France.

The most severe provision in Le Pen's proposed law would deprive foreign nationals residing in France of family allowance, deny them entry to trade unions, and also eliminate the right of birth citizenship in France (droit du sol regulation), preventing millions of families from rejoining in France.

France has traditionally valued cultures and accepted a diverse spectrum of perspectives; the country has long acted as the European Union's bacon of light. This is a European country that brought debate, discussions, and philosophy to the table and was able to learn from others. Marie Le Pen and her beliefs will not only inflict anguish for many French individuals, but they will also be the most dangerous challenge to French principles and equality. The election this weekend will be a referendum on what France is and what it will become under Le Pen.

Vivek ji


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