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Love, Valentine day and Indian culture

India has been preaching Krishna since the consciousness of Indian identity evolved to store the history of its culture. I personally acknowledge Krishna is the man whose honest philosophy was Love.

Emotions- Art work

India has been preaching Krishna since the consciousness of Indian identity evolved to store the history of its culture. I personally acknowledge Krishna is the man whose honest philosophy was Love. Meera, the lady who is still remembered and praised for her devotion towards the supreme, with whom she communicated through love. She was a living example of love and devotion. Kabeer, the mystic Sufi saint of India who composed several couplets of poem, greatly praised the love as meant to submit oneself to the higher self, the supreme, the lord. Now it is the time of Valentine day, I would not go in detail about the history of the event but societies around the world celebrate it as a day of compassion, devotion and at last to show someone the reflection of love. This is what I have meant by V-day, I could be wrong but that is how I see this day. Whenever Valentine day is near about, several organization mushroom up in India to protest on the name of culture, any sort of event being organized on the day, situation does not stop here, sometime there is full protest which eventually turns as a violent protest against youth, against the young generation which is full of passion and love, the generation which is ready to surmise all the sickly behavior of society and make a sentiment to come over the burden laden society. One old song that goes on and on every year by fundamentalist organization is about the culture of India and its preciousness, the need to protect it. (Any way, just to inform you I am speaking in Jaipur on 7th of March and the title is “ Political and cultural suicide of India” in Hindi, let’s meet there to rethink what it meant Indian Culture to many of us) I am absolutely agreeing to the fact that Indian culture is great, (and which culture is not?) and this is the greatness that has given the fruit of Indian civilization which is not only the hope of we Indians but also for those who see India as their own growth. But I also question if we really know what Indian culture meant. For me Indian culture means the way it passes the message to the younger generation to love each other, the freedom to choose and act on. The greatness of Indian culture is that it has given abundance chances to see life from different angles and to accept each and every reality of human life whether it is sex or god. This is only India where one could preach the lord and could submerge in a deep dive of consciousness and at the same time could flourish with the fruit of sex, given by nature to attain. This is why the most important gifts what India gave to the world includes meditation, Yoga, Sakhya philosophy, Veda, Geeta and important to mention Kamasutra. This is only India that could built Khujraho ( known as a temple with erotic sculpture, I find them most beautiful and sane) and have a serious discussion on life and death, this is only India that had brought the formula of inclusive life. The Indian culture means the way it gives the choices to lead a life with different forces of existence without any hindrance and judgments, Indian culture means the way to protect the human nature of us and accept the life forces. Sad the people those who come on street by the name of Indian culture have hardly any understanding what it meant India, only god knows what they know about Indian culture. To love someone and express the feeling, I think one day is to small, if we could really see India, I would have said make all 365 days to love someone to show the compassion of one's life, this is what and could meant to me India and Indian culture. On the name of Indian culture people are creating violence, making the youth handicapped and inactive, creating a fear where innocent youth even can not choose to love someone, so show the compassion, to have a feeling of each other. When women are raped, these fundamentalist pseudo-political units never come to protest on streets against rape but when someone loves another, they come to protest, rape does not seem against the Indian culture but love……….yes. I don’t understand what it will mean for the majority of Indians to preach Krishna if they cannot let people love each other. India have had foretold the historian the stories of Yudhistira and his greatness. When politicians and public office bearers indulge in corruption neither Shiv Sena nor Ram sema, and Bajrang dal or Sanskriti Bachao manch like organization come to protest against corruption, is it not against Indian culture? Yeah but to love someone is against Indian culture. Cities are sinking deep down with the mountains of rubbish, all over India rubbish is thrown everywhere you can not find a single city or villages which is not dirty and filthy, but these organization never come to protest against dirtiness of India and stop people throwing rubbish everywhere, on the other hand India is celebrating since ages the festival of Deepwali (where you keep your house and everything clean). Dirtiness in not against Indian culture but love yes. Population is getting bigger and bigger, it means that hardly anyone is having love but yeah sex is just going on with wild speed this is not against India to have this much population, which we cannot support? But yeah to love someone is wrong. There is no planning while building the cities, not even basic system of city development, and we are the history tellers of the great ruins of Harappa and Mohanjo-daro which professed the brilliant management of city development, even today the planners are amazed by the beauty it had in city planning. We don’t find a corner of shame here not having even basic structure of city planning, which we used to have, but yeah when love comes on screen we find it against Indian culture. There is someone in Mumbai creating the schism of Indian identity and spreading the violence and fear among citizens, none of the organization came to say its against Indian culture? Why so? Have lost the guts? Or do not know anything about Culture of India, which preaches the unity, togetherness, and compassion even towards enemies, for the god sake learn culture first then disown the idea of it. This is quite ridiculous to think about but honestly I must say that Indian culture and the uproar about it only comes on scene when things are related either with love of Sex. Anywhere else, none of the organization come to protest by giving name of Indian culture. Forgive me but if Indian culture only sees things around sex and love it does not denote even the sound of culture to me, oh fundamentalist are you hearing what I said? Indian culture means the force of acceptance, the idea of being united. Indian culture means accepting the vital and spiritual forces together not to discard anything, in-fact accept everything which life gives to understand the nature of it. With lots of hope, one day Indian should understand what it meant Indian culture, till then only to remind not to forget love, may the love surpasses the ignorance of us. For the vitality of youth with honest regard to Love #Love #India #valentinesday


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