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I wish a Different attitude on Republic day

I was in Maharastra on Republic day of India, none other state would have been good to be than Maharastra, this is the state where honorable Baba Sahab Ambedkar took Deeksha and this is the state where Mahatma Gandhi lived a long time ( Wardha), I felt pleased to be there.

I had a late night sleep on the eve of Republic day and next morning I got up with a loud music and dance beats coming from nearby school, for a moment I thought its an early morning wedding program but my friend Mr. Sunil Junankar told me in jokingly that this is how now we celebrate India’s proud to be republic with loud music and Jazz beats.

This program went on for long and I left Akola (a city in Maharastra) to go to Nagpur, on way I saw young crowed hailing India’s Flag in their hand, creating chaos on road and dancing with a DJ music, I noted again that this was a celebration for India’s Republic day, the similar scene was noted when I reached Nagpur, more heavy and creating another chaos in the city traffic. I wondered that nothing better exist to celebrate republic day then this?

India is a country where majority of people are not aware of their constitutional right and even if they are aware this is my doubt being an Indian that the beaurocrasy and politics has a slightest regard for civilian’s constitutional right, there is hardly any school where students are taught for their rights and duties for this nation. I have not known any college where on republic day constitution as a subject is discussed to make people aware of this country. I see constitution as a system that incorporates the consciousness of its nation, it has the anthem of peoples welfare, constitution is about having the art of governance not only in the hand of government but in the hand of society.

A nations progress does not come with good roads and heavy building, a nations health does not depend on sending youth in politics, it depends on how the citizens are taking their nation in their understanding, what it meant for them being part of a nation. For me the Indian republic day would start to make any sense when on this day instead of giving parade and a show of Indian sentiment this country will start to pledge to learn more and more about the constitution that had given the birth of India as a republic. The generation which is on our door needs to know more about how this country came into being as a republic the idea what she chose to be INDIA with a card of republic, how and why we made what we have as a constitutional rights of governance.

This will not only make people aware about their constitution but to start a learning process towards her present and future that comes with a definite past. India’s present problem has not been created by politicians and dummy beaurocrasy but it comes from citizens of this nation those who have very little understanding of this country, the problem what India faces it’s a problem of common attitude towards right and duties as a citizens. This can only be brought in attention when legal discourses start to take shape in common places, where individuals would start to initiate the fire of conduct and practices that will enable citizens to understand their rights and duties for national service.

For me republic day is not about celebrating this vary day with Jazz music, hailing tricolor on motorbike and cultural program in schools but to understand and bridge a gap between thought and reality, between constitution and governance, between rules and conduct.

I wish to see one-day Indian citizens celebrating republic day having debate on our constitutional progress and our ability to prosper as a republic.

Vivek ji


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