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Global warming, a question of education

Global warming

The G20 submit ended with lots of promises and words of achievement. Specially the global warming, which was on top ofpriority list. People and nations were concerned and each and every country was on the way to declare their policies of Climate change and how to cope with it.

Ours rival and neighbor have declared a policy to be Green, a major change. Because right now in many cities in China youcan not breath, many places around there where you can not farm, many lakes there which are poisonous now and you can not swim. It has come out of necessities.

Our Prime minister was also seen in G20 and applauded to say that India is going to cut down its emission to a large scale.I appreciate the move, which India is willing to take by cutting down the emission.

But as a big nation where population is growing day by day and we have not such a strong system of laws I wonder whether education could play a major role in achieving the goal, which is not only cutting down our emission but giving a helping hand to the world communities to face the challenge of climate change.

There is not only a problem of emission by the industries but actually global warming is much more about how to incorporate the citizens and individuals of any nation. Global warming for me is a term, which shows how unconscious we were in our act towards nature.

Whatever a nation is struggling to do, I would still say that it is very important to teach our young brains about global warming and its impact. At least they shall know what their parents and forefathers have done to the nature, at least they shall know what we have been doing in these decades.

Global warming as per se could only be fought and come over it, which is not impossible by challenging the system of our thoughts in which the society is build on.

The challenge is not global warming, it is our attitude in which we had only been harassing the nature without understanding the impact on our lives and not only others but for those too who are going to come after us to live in this planet.

The future can be mended and changed by the way of education only.

Still in education, in institutes and programs there is very little about global warming and the effect of it. We are aware thatglaciers are melting and with it changes the pattern of rain and monsoon but we are not aware of our hand in it we are not challenging the foundation of our thoughts.

By cutting the emission we could cut the footprint of us in global warming but if we could educate the mass in this country about the effect and impact of it we might be able to change bigger then our thoughts.

Day to day use of petroleum products like poly bags to our cars is increasing and we are directly related to, we are the focus of global warming, it is only us who can challenge the system of it. Our most of electricity comes from coal based plant which is major source of global warming, we could work on us if we think about sustainable use of our electricity andtry to go more and more for solar based energy.

We are burning or cutting day by day the forest around us, which reduces the choice of healthy relation towards nature, which cleans the air of our atmosphere.

In this country largely we have no plans yet to manage our garbage what we create more and more. Do you know what happens next? No we have no idea? It goes out of your cities where it is burned, plastic, papers and so on which also causes more and more threat to our climate change plans. In this country where 1 billion people live, waste is incredible and now incredible high in bulk, which might be equal to any factories around us.

For me global warming is around us and we are responsible for it, this responsibility could only check our help in Climate change.

A mass awekening is the idea of India , this is why philosopher have flourished, Gurus have emerged in Bulk, Ashrams are sprouting like mushroom, I wish we could learn from it, and challenge the climate change by our mass understanding.

We are the product of our thoughts, if we make out something in between our process of thoughts I doubt that we can notmanifest the idea of Life with nature.


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