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Funeral of our national Ideas

God save us, only you could save now and I have heard god lives only in India that is how this country is still a country.

Indian’s find it ugly and claimed to have protested against the marked violence against Indian’s in Australia. Several leaders including Prime minister looked worried about growing racism in Australia. Media channels and news reporter were busy reporting each and every incident of the racist move in Australia. Similar sort of action we had seen at the time of Big Boss, the famous reality show in UK where one of the actress from Indian cine industry participated and was targeted. All the segments of Indian society condemned the racist policy. It shall be condemned, and we did. Yesterday in the Maharastra Assembly one of the leader who was taking oath in the assembly was manhandled literally beaten in the temple of Democracy, because he did not abide the dictum issued by MNS chief, to take oath only in Marathi. The manhandled member was taking oath in Hindi, the national language of India, was beaten in front of all of us, whole India. Does it shows or not that we are more racist then any other country in this world. We morally have no right to object any other nation pursuing the same goal like we do here in India. Since two years the mob of rowdies is taking law and order in their hand in the name of regional issues and language and still they are free to do what they want. Nehru imprisoned Abdullah of Kashmir for almost 17 years because he was somehow thought seeking the goal of Independence and seen favoring separation. Those who are practically trying to put and create chaos of regionalism are free to do so. No Prime minister comes forward to condemned the issue and no one dare to challenge the scoundrels of Indian democracy. Indian nation and politics is doomed to be fail and its failing, somewhere in Maharastra where ruling party is congress and have no intention to curb the scoundrels. Else where in Karnataka where BJP is ruling is failing to understand the leadership and subduing the goal of democracy to the rich politicians. The chief minister of Karnatka was pressurized by central leadership to act in a manner, which helps the goal of few riches of the state, those who are controlling money. The party of character is leading towards the party of riches, the character is lost, how could they ever build Ram temple, the lord of Character and integrity? India was called a failed state; I do not find it right. When India was never a real state how could it fail ever? We are still in need to become a state. For which we need leadership, which we never really had. We need strong ideologue to puncture the ideology of mass, we never really had. We need strong cultural and regional balance to see the nation, but we never came out of regional chaos, we never really made a nation. To be a nation is a dream yet to be fulfilled. It is not only an issue of one Maharastra and Karnatka. In one state regional chaos are creating the biggest challenge to the national integrity and in another we are finding the grass root leaders suffering by the blow of riches. Not even a party like BJP is ready to cut the infection of a disease.

Democracy is falling behind the scene. The famous Deoband issues a fatwa against the Vande matram the nations pride of a song held as national song. No one says anything; the home minister of the state who was present in the program simply says it did not happen while I was there. Baba Ramdev the famous yoga guru, who peaches the stern patriotism even did not says a word after that. A saffron saint was happy to be invited and felt secular. No wonder India suffers the stroke of national Idea. If we do not find the gratitude of this national song we shall just clear it off from our mind but if it has a meaning we shall come forward to protect it fro the harm too. Again the principle of Constitution was burnt, by the fatwa but we did not move. I doubt we have any right to call separatist; terrorists, those who are taking guns to put down their demand in our head right or wrong. In this country when the members of legislature assembly are using violence to put down their words, I find each and every action of separatist could be justified. A former chief minister of the State Jharkhand is reported to have 4000 Crores rs In his disposal which is much higher than his earning. Now he is in interrogation with the government agencies. No doubt India is always goanna be poor. I wonder what the government agencies were doing long back when things were going on? No wonder we will have several more attack of violence in this country. God save us, only you could save now and I have heard god lives only in India that is how this country is still a country. Vivek ji


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