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Dynasty Vs Democracy

There is lots of noise in these days about young members of parliament those who have won the recent election. Each and every media organization is accelerating the issue like most important issue nowadays in Indian soil.

There is only few slogans and one of that is Rahul Gandhi helped to win the young members of parliament. It was him who paved the way for youth to Parliament. Media is getting off from its responsibility one can open any channel and the gungan of Rahul Gandhi is everywhere and why not winner is winner and congress is winner now.

Just imagined if Congress would have lost the election and would have got less seats in election these media channel would have taken sleep of Rahul Gandhi. If congress would have lost somehow in UP everyone would have said this young leader have no idea of politics and trying to lead India. The reality is reality the history always follows the winner; loosers have no call in history. TRUTH what we see is all about winners losers do not get their words in history.

The time when Hitler was winner whole world was behind him and as soon a he started to loose Hitler became villain actually villains are basically looser and the winner is hero this is how our history is written.

Each and every villain of history and present is a looser. In any sense Churchill was as bad as Hitler was, the sort of and language he used against Gandhi, what his government did in India is not less than crime.

BUT I do not follow any discrimination. I am not history writer and I do not believe in winners only, I believe in truth, and truth is something for which I have to come out of my mental cave again to touch something, which I am not used to…. POLITICS Now lets go back to India, Rahul and Congress party let’s talk about these young leaders but we shall also see their history too.

Congress has a slogan “ AAM ADMI’ Meaning for common man, congress says it represents the common man. Lets see the reality. The noise about young leader, young MP, youth brigade, its all hopeless and foolish and Indian public is again tried by the Mafia of TV media to persuade the truth that Rahul has done a fantastic job by plotting the youth on the seats and what they have done.

The reality is something else these entire young leaders are part of Dynasty culture of Congress where Gandhi family is ruling. If we see congress party it is the party of families or a kind of ruling Kingdom of old days I do not see Congress as Democratic Party.( Or most of the parties) Sachin Pilot is the so-called young MP of congress is son of late Rajesh pilot; he got the ticket because his father was staunch supporter- leader of congress party ….see the culture of dynasty.

Sachin Pilot is the so-called young MP of congress is son of late Rajesh pilot; he got the ticket because his father was staunch supporter- leader of congress party ….see the culture of dynasty.

Jothiriditya scindhia ,the so called young MP of congress is the son of late Madhavrao scindhia. The leader of congress and heir of dynasty culture of Congress party.

Shruti Mirdha , the so called member of youth brigade is grand daughter of Former chief minister of hariyana Shri Bansi lala, holding the ruin of dynasty. It’s the perfect example of absolutism.

Jyoti Mirdha , The MP of Nagpur is granddaughter of five-time Nagaur MP Nathuram Mirdha. Where congress shows the cause of common man or the cinema of absolutism.

Jitin Prasad the son of Jitendra prasad, a veteran Congress leader was the Vice-President of the Indian National Congress as well as the Political Advisor to two Prime Ministers of India, Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and P V Narasimha rao in 1994.

Priya dutt , is the daughter of Great leader Sunil dutt.

Arun yadav , ( Khandwa) who is the son of Subhashchandra yadav, former Vice president of congress party in Madhya pradesh.

Ravneet singh ( Anand pur sahib) is grandson of former chief minister Beant Singh, Mausam noor who won from Malda belong to famous Gani khan chaoudhary family.

Jagan Mohan, YSR's son became a first-time MP from Kadapa

Manish Tewari , Ludhiana: The son of slain former RS member V N Tewari.

Deepender Hooda Rohtak: The son of CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

Navin Jindal , Kurukshetra: The son of industrialist O P Jindal, who was killed in a plane crash, won from Kurukshetra for a second time.

Ijayraj singh , Kota: The son of three-time MP and erstwhile ruler of Kota Brijraj Singh.

Milind Deora, Mumbai South: The 33-year-old Boston educated son of outgoing petroleum minister Murli Deora.

Nilesh Rane, Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg: The 27-year-old elder son of state Industries Minister Narayan Rane.

Sameer Bhujbal, Nashik: The nephew of Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal.

And many more, its just a trailer of dynasties in Congress party rule.

I can not see any where common people, they are all belonging to former congress leaders, and Mr. Rahul Gandhi, as he is part of dynasty of Gandhi’s, rest of the so called youth brigade too part of one or another former party leader, holding the ruin of dynasty.

Dynasty is the culture of congress and this is what congress party is spreading. Democracy is not on the way dynasties are the highway of congress politics.

Democracy, which has its root in Indian imagination, has to go forward and especially congress has to go away, prospering Dynasty would not make differences in India and had not made, ever. Since our independence congress has ruled the nation on the slogan of common man, for poor citizens of India and still the slogans are same. Slogan had not changed because the reality has not changed still people are poor and poverty is striking the country. Common man is same where it was half a century back.

After winning the election, journalist asked to Prince Rahul, to whom he shall give the credit Rahul boldly said “ to the poor people of India”. I would say the poor people who have been kept poor by the congress party for electoral success. Gandhians ruled India for almost 50 years and congress too ruled that many years why things are still same. I do not believe congress or any party is the part of common people, look at the leaders of congress those who have won election, so many of them are carorpati, in this country where still 27% people are living below poverty line. Its joke to call congress party a party of common man or for common man. There is not a single party which is the party of common man, common man party yet to come or will never come this is democracy. Real things take time to emerge. Especially In India.

Dynasties had been ruling India and dynasties are coming to rule, democracy has to still find its ways. The reality is that our aging mind cannot see more forward, we are blind and cannot see where progress lies and the work what media has to do is not doing.

We are trapped in a mesh that has no filter in it, we are stucked. With these aging realities we can never go forward, never ever.


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