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Dance of Democracy - Why picking up Modi?

Narendra Modi in Gujrat

It took seven years for Supreme court to order a probe for the involvement of Narendra ji Modi in Godhra riots. And especially at the time when election is on the end of its heat. It’s merely a coincidence or the planned therapy for vote bank? I may be crossing my limit but few things allowed me to cross that limit specially when Indian democracy is facing the biggest crisis after the independence for its own structure.

The probe order could have waited for a while when it had waited for so long after the riots but it did not happen and again in India by the plan or unplanned the misery had followed the door at the time of election which would definitely oppose the system of democracy.

No doubt that the System of democracy has the strongest base of its system of justice and honorable Supreme Court has always followed the greatest image of justice. But the probe and its timing only suits to those who are going to cue up for the minority votes and charging Modi would definitely work on that side, again and again minorities would sell the soul to the false secularist or pseudo-secularists.

I am sure and definitely sure that SC has nothing to do with it but why it was done at a time when system of democracy and its principle are going to hurt by that probe, psychologically definitely.

Years back the opinion polls were banned to come on public because they were serving a false image to be voted. An independence to whom one shall vote was harassed by the media ( which it is still doing by several means) and I saluted the order. But now this probe seems to be somewhere near by which is going to affect the mind of Voters.

What a healthy democracy gives to its people? An idea in which one is allowed to think by its own, democracy is about giving and making a conscious choice to be governed. Where decision are not done on the bases of subjective psychological dependency.

But this is what is going on India. May it take some more years to realize to us, what it means to be democratic? Are we really looking for democracy or we want to have a system, which looks like democracy, but have severe loopholes in it.

Sanjay Dutt spoke again and again whatever he wanted to speak, he took the law on his hand made a mockery of law and justice, created as much as rift what he can by targeting his years on Jail and appealing Minority just for the sake of vote but nothing happened to him against charging few cases. But Varun Gandhi said much less but given a gift of NSA by Mayawati and central Government refuses to revoke the order. If any one in India has a general grammatical knowledge ofdemocracy would see what is happening to this country… Its deteriorating by its meager soul.

Mayawati and his ministers said so many times whatever they could say against a whole religion and the soul of this land but no one slapped NSA against them still Kancha Illiah and Udit raj , V.T. rajkshekar sparks their venom to Hindu religion and against Hindus but no one had ever slapped NSA against them. What a dance of democracy! Democracy had been made a prostitute on hand of these leaders and still we are shut …shut like as we were never alive.

Democracy is not about only casting the votes; democracy is about thoughts, and the process of it. If a nation is not ready to give its thought then it’s not ready to be a democratic country and its better to have a tyranny then a false system of democracy.

We, the children of this nation, were democratic long back when we were ready to come out of our homes for the sake of truth and truth alone and if not any more it does shows that the root of democracy is dying.

Democracy is about empowering people, empowering so we can see and decide what is going on in this country and how it is going on.

Now the call is "let's awake India, let's rejuvenate".

You will not find any solution on my writings, I am giving you the thoughts, solutions are not needed ….the need is our thoughts and its process.


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