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Before celebrating Diwali

25 Lakhs of people are suffering in Bihar after the flood which had taken not only lives of so many but the life which is left there is on the brink , let’s think one moment for them before celebrating Deepawali.

National Integration, the idea of India, tried not only once but so often to disintegrate the country, let’s think about a moment before celebrating the Deepawali.

Once upon a time all the violence and terror had one only name but not any more. Now it’s been called religious terror and violence, sometime given name the Islamic terror and now Hindu terror. Let’s think about it for a moment before celebrating Deepawali in your home.

Almost half of the infant population is suffering and dying out of hunger. Organization says we have almost 46% infants suffering from malnutrition; let’s think about it for a moment before celebrating Deepawali.

Today is Deepawali and why instead of giving a warm greeting to everyone I have raised those questions which may not give you the glow of joy? I think and I believe it is very important for me to discuss those questions which are somehow question mark on Deepawali festival.

What does Deepawali signifies? The light wins on dark? Truth wins on false? Good wins on bad? This is what Deepawali signifies? Is this what on the name we are celebrating the Deepawali?

If yes then we must start to think what is happening around us. Before you start to light a single oil lamps think for a moment to those 25 Lakhs of people who have not only lost their light of life but shelter too, Forced to live on road side ontemporary shelter. If Deepawali is festival of light let’s first light some smiles on those faces that have torn away by the devastating flood in Bihar. If Deepawali is festival of light let’s light some humanity in our heart and before celebrating Deepawali in our home we should think how we can become more human to help another human, let us be human first then celebrate Deepawali.

We magnify Deepawali in our heart as truth wins over false, if this is what Deepawali meant to us then we must start to see around us what is happening. On mere name of regionalism one Asura and his forces are killing and horrifying the population of another region, let’s fight first to Asuras in this battle and then celebrate Deepawali. Lord Ram returned home after winning the battle with Asuras thus Deepawali came in existence, for centuries it represented the legacy of truth over false. Let’s together those who are with Lord Ram fight with Asuras of Mumbai and lest beat them and then celebrate the festival of Light, before you burn a incense let’s think about those 1000’s of people who have been hurt in this regionalism terror in Maharastra , where the idea of integrity was raped and if you feel ashamed let’s fight first and then light the incense in your home.

If we think that Lord Ram represent the perfect character of man hood and is a symbol of Mankind’s identity , then think about what is happening around you. On the issue of terror some fractions are pointing the religions in any massacre to riots, now riots are given name Hindu, Muslim, or Sikhs depending what sort of population is involved in it. Let me question, does someone name represents the identity of his/her religion? If someone goes in temple and mosque and then fired a bullet does it denotes the involvement of religion in it? If someone believes in Islam and in Vedas does it meanthat religion has shaped the history of that man? (Not society and government which are more involve in doing anything)

If not, then why any sort of violence has given a name of religion?

And if yes then I have to say that each and every criminal in the country or world from thieves to murderer must be preaching some sort of religion would we call even a rape depending on who had done it some sort of religious rape? LikeNews agencies call now Hindu terrorist/Islamic terrorist would the rapist depending on the religion called Hindu rapist /Islamic rapist/Christian rapist/Sikh rapist? This is what is happening in Media which is completely run by most stupid and fools around.

As soon as a crime is committed, to give it a name of religion is a kind of necessity here in this country. Some communist in whose hand we have played since our freedom without giving them single term of power is as always as great as ever. Itwould look so foolish to you when I say Communist? They were never in power how come they can play games? Let me say Nehru ji was not a kind of communist? Does D.N. Sharma and other prominent writer who had always taken religion on their shoulder to throw away were not communist? Has Congress the party of India, except Gandhi ji and few other members are not behaving or behaved like communists? Do not see only party and their name see their idea, see their philosophy and then you will see that all most everyone is communist in this secular country of India.

Before you diffuse the sound of your harmony today, let’s think first, the religion is not in a kind of conspiracy in India? One kills on the name of religion, one wants to built the temple on the name of religion (Being political party which has never done anything for religion) what is happening? If we find it ridiculous let’s fight together and swear, before we lighting the candle to represent the light in our home we will light this country first.

Let’s celebrate Deepawali but for a moment think about it what is happening in near around you, Lord Ram shall and mustreturn in the home, in all of ours home today, not only to light the oil lamps but to lighten the truthfulness of our being.

Wish you all ……let’s try to have a return of Lord Ram again ,so again truth can win on false, so again light can win on dark , so again good can win on bad.

For all those who are going to celebrate the Deepawali


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