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An open letter to Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev challenges the verdict of the honorable high court of New Delhi which sought the freedom from the draconian act of criminal procedure no.377, and declares the freedom of homosexual…. declares the freedom of those who have sought to live their life with their free choice…. declares the freedom of all those who have different voices for their sexual and emotional life …declared the freedom for the people of this country who have come forward to say yes we are different then main stream but you can not crush our choices and we are not going to sacrifice our wishes for the system and Gurus those who have no understanding of nature and its wishes for human soul. I have been respecting Baba ji early days for his move to publicize the Yoga in India and in international level, especially when he had done work on the scale where millions of people are now practicing yoga in their home without any need of Guru. Basically I had a great respect of that man because he took the tradition of Yoga from the hand of Gurus and made it a manner of day-to-day practice of life. But today his comment on Homosexuals and its version had raised a voice inside me. A voice within my self had asked me to clear the view of spirituality, religion and culture to this man …Baba Ramdev. Especially when he said that homosexuality is against morality of Indian culture. Since four years I am going village-to-village, city to cities preaching the name of supreme and discussing various subject of spirituality and religion to common mass, talking on Geeta to Gandhi, exploring each and every subject of human existence. I found few things to share with the people, and that is; spirituality does not permit any sort of discrimination, it does not permit any sort of discrimination because it sees each and every living and non living being as equal, existence has no discrimination to follow. This is what spirituality means to me in simple terms. Where discrimination has ended andonly equality has remain this is means to me the bliss of Ananda… While setting self and mind on Dhyana with people, teaching the silence of Dhyana I understood one more clear terms of spirituality to share in words and it is; that morality has nothing to do with the spirituality, in fact morality has made people immoral, more culprits and has created more cunningness. I realized and have said to the people on that question that morality is simply a term coined by social leaders and it has nothing to do with nature, lord, supreme or existence whatever you can call it. Morality is a tool, which kept the public in the control for social leaders. In-fact I said and believe that morality had caused the major problem in spirituality. The Pillars of modern religion, whether we call them lord, god Allah or Bhagvan; if we see them carefully and try to wind up our definition of morality then we would find them highly immoral. If we see what Krishna did while the girls were taking shower in river when he took their clothes off and climbed the tree and asked the girls to come out of river folding there both of hands (because they were trying to hide their sexual organ by the hands, I assume, this is what I would do if someone has taken my clothes off). There are hundreds of stories like that; we start to judge Buddha, Krishna, Ram, or Jesus we will find them immoral somewhere in our meaning. My point is spirituality has nothing to do with morality; it is fiction of society to have control and authority of few people. Baba Ramdev in recent days had made some comment on homosexuals, in first sight I did not believe that this man can go out of touch to spirituality, I could not believe that this man who teaches Yoga would say all that…. any way what it means yoga basically? It means union; I thought he would have better understanding of the topic of homosexuality then any one else because he himself preaches as guru of yogic tradition. He made some point on homosexuals and I would like to follow all those points today. He said those homosexuals are mentally ill. I would like to say Baba Ramdev to take his words back or be ready to fight a case on the given words because he had no right to impose a illness to the people who are having different choices for sexual and emotional relation and any way, he had no understanding of these two things neither he had any knowledge ofsex nor he knows what it means to be emotional. Does he? He made a derogatory comment on the people because they have a different wish to go in sexual and emotional relation then majority. In my culture and in my country India; I have learnt only two things one is to respect each and every entity of this universe and accept the freedom of another human being. This is what spirituality had taught me this is what Krishna had said in Geeta. This is what Buddha had said to his disciple ….my message is only freedom. Baba Ramdev said that homosexual need treatment and Yoga can cure this disease. First of all I would like to say Baba Ramdev had degraded yoga that much that it will take years to revive what he had done by selling yoga and creating diseases which can sell his tickets. Nowadays Yoga seems to be a kind of medical facility, the tradition, which the great sage patanjali created for the welfare of soul, is now limited to body only. Actually for their own purpose people are using the gift of sages. Misinterpretation is killing the soul of the great Indian traditions. Baba Ramdev better I let you know that disease is not there in homosexual its in your mind better you find a guru who cantreat your mental illness, you are mentally ill basically…we see only what we are ……is not it? He said that homosexual relation are against nature, he said that nature does not teach us this practice, let me tell you Baba how many things you are doing which is against nature. You are doing millions of things which nature does not teachus. Like nature does not teach us to do Yoga. Have you ever seen Mr Ramdev any dogs and cat doing Yoga? Have you seen any pig doing Pranayama? Have you ever seen any donkey doing Kapalbharti? Have you ever seen and monkey wearing Vastra what you wear? Have you ever seen any lion; clothed like you do? Have you ever seen any tree commenting on other animals those who are having sex or love between them? Then O’ Baba why you comment on people bedroom scene? Don’t you have any other work then looking around who is having sex with whom? Who is falling in whose bed? But let me say something as per Bruce Bagemihl, PhD wrote in his 1999 book Biological Exuberance, Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity and said “Homosexual behavior occurs in more than 450 different kinds of animals worldwide, and is found in every major geographic region and every major animal group. It should come as no surprise, then, that animal homosexuality is not a single, uniform phenomenon. Whether one is discussing the forms it takes, its frequency, or its relationship to heterosexual activity, same-sex behavior in animals exhibits every conceivable variation." Any way as per Baba comment that the thing which nature teaches us his kind of people are letting others do or would put a lot of energy to have it done like it happen in nature; is not it? Then Baba could you fight for a law which says that sex has to be done in open without any shame…this is how nature facilities the service of sex to its entities …is not it? Have you see any lion, pig, dog or cat going behind somewhere and having to find a place of lonesome to mate? Homosexuality has nothing to do with nature. And as Baba Ramdev said that homosexuality is against nature, it means that he had no problem with heterosexual! So it means that he will fight for the sexual freedom of the youth who because of not having enough freedom to have sexual relation before marriage are much busy in watching porn and reading dirty books and touching unknown women’s private body parts in Buses? Baba wake up. …Where you are sleeping the life has gone through we have to do many other things why you give sex so important. Actually problem of India is right now is that this yogis and gurus had made such a scene that sex had become so important, actually the thing which finishes in few hours or minutes is taking life of people, youth are continuously busy in making plan to have sex, a whole generation is just looking day and night for sex …you could see movies each and every scene is made for sex appeal, you could see in advertisement everything roll around sex. The act, which has no value in it, has become this much valuable that Baba is ready to fight case on that behalf. He had nothing else to do? , He cannot fightcase for millions of those who are serving as child labour…ram ram ram ram Baba Ramdev said that homosexuality is disease…. why because someone has different views of sex…. Baba why don’t youcome out and teach about sex basically…. I have no problem with that may be you will be able to make sure that sex get taught properly and may be you will be able to get more crowed I am sure about that. His lawyers said in the petition "...homosexual activities which are otherwise unnatural there is high risk of exposure of a large chunk of population to dangerous sexually transmitted disease including HIV/AIDS," I would like to say Mr. Yoga guruthat the risk is not due to Homosexuals only its due to because your kind of people are always coming against the sex education in legal terms or even if we will have sex education your kind of people are going to come on the way of youth to have sex when they need, this is why we have all this STD disease because people are having sex in bathrooms in forest in dirty hotels with prostitute ,they are not practicing the safe sex this is the reason of having this sort of disease , the real reason lies somewhere else Guru not in your disbelief , and if Baba kind of people are going to come more and more making noises, one thing is sure to me that the coming generation of India is going to be the generation of sexual mania. Actually the problem is not homo or hetero sex the problem is the importance what we give to sex by prohibiting it to this extent, this is why things are working in their sphere people are having such a scene concerning sex that their whole life moves around sex. Baba talks about nature. …Should I be really straight towards him? Let it be …Baba have you seen animals and purity in their sex because they don’t have gurus like you who pay this much attention to sex. …Their time comes they had sex and then do live their life normally they are not mad like us who put so much energy in sex and its acts In nature sex like all acts is seen pretty normal, no one hinder another for their sexual orientation. This is what nature means to me discrete about each and every thing which life bears. Petition says, "The decision of the High Court, if allowed to sustain will have catastrophic effects on the moral fabric of society and will jeopardize the institution of marriage itself. This offends the structure of Indian value system, Indian culture and traditions, as derived from religious scriptures." Baba you are destroying the honor of marriage itself. What you mean that marriage is for only having sex and children? From where did you learn that? For me marriage is an act of two people where two people come together to share their life …share their emotions…share their problems…share their dream and love …to grow together, to live together with a bliss of union. Marriage do not mean to me only having sex and children, and if Baba meant that then he should feel shame on himself or we shall feel shame on all of us those who are married…Then this marriage means only sex and children. This is it… For me marriage or the relation between two people who have come together to live meant a lot to me ….it means real yoga to me where two entities are going to try to understand each other and while understanding each other they would be able to understand the nature of themselves. This is not it. …When two people decide to live with each other it’s the real union where two poles of human identity get together to form the real oneness, the relation of two people living each other married or not meant the showcase of Indian philosophy which says everything start with duality but at last only unity exists…the oneness of universal existence. Baba talks about Indian value, culture and tradition…. So Baba let me tell you Indian value system teaches us to be indiscriminate, restecful and always accepting …Indian culture teaches us so many things ….so could you please put Kamasutra in your Yoga teaching please….It’s the product of our Indian culture …is not it? Ohh he talked about religious scripture ….let me recall him something. …Does he know gandharva Vivah? It means sex without marriage that Pandu did with his second wife.. And does he forget that Indian culture is accepting anything …like panadavas accepted one wife to all of them because mother asked to accept it? Does he forgets that Krishna loved to someone else but married to someone else? Does he forget the scripture, which are preaching only Love between two human souls? Does he forget that Krishna all his life preached only love as his one of the most remembering teaching? Baba just to let you know that in temple of Khujraho(Temple of Chhapri) there is one sculpture on wall where one can see the sexual relation of two men’s dated 12th century CE. Baba said "Homosexual relationships, if encouraged, would bring population growth of a country to a halt and may deprive this country of its greatest asset of human resources," he said. Baba I would love to have this country less populous otherwise it wont be a place where you can live unless people have made money like you to have a Ashram then there will be only two ways either become gurus to have big ashrams or become politicians to have big Bungalow? If homosexuality could bring a halt in the population I would love to see it …


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